Tinkerbell Games

is every child’s favorite character, especially young girls. Peter Pan and appeals to all the little girls and for a good reason, they can’t get enough watching the cartoons or play video games. Same as every parent includes Transformers Hasbro action figures into their gift list for special occasion for their sons, only for girls, they know that their young daughter will love the gift no matter what. Compared to boys, girls don’t really like video games; it’s pretty rare when girls of all any age are interested in it. But there are exceptions to every rule, there are genres such as dressing-up or lifestyle or games such as TB that fascinate girls and keep them chained in front of the screen. Besides, quality toys cost fortune, and the shrek games> are pretty much free. Play now anddon’t contain any offensive materials, speeches, offensive words, any kind of violence, violence scenes, sexual content etc. These games are suitable for children of any age. It’s important to choose a right game that you know your daughter will love and at same time, it won’t have any negative effect on her. There are other games like such as garfield games , shrek and more, that are more of an educative nature than a hardcore action.garfield games and memory exercises help developing extremely important skills and improve brain functionality. this series include the game “Dress Up 2”, that you probably already know from the party games. In this original game, fairies harvest fruits in the ping pong form, but they need a wind to help them harvesting, since they are too small in size. Video game version of the Fairy Harvest is extremely interesting and engaging. Among the many different , dress-up and color games genre is the most popular and it’s not surprising since we are talking about little girls. In such games, players get to paint various pictures of this, which is done by selecting a paintbrush and then clicking on the certain section of the picture. Players get to color clothes and people, different accessories, hair etc. in other words, player can completely change the looks of characters “make them look cool”. Game window contains only the character bar and paintbrush, navigation is as simple as it gets. In dress-up players get to dress up their favorite character, there is a huge choice of different clothes, dresses, skirts hats, handbags, shoes, everything. You can even change the hairstyles. Both are very girlish type of games, little girls have a lot of fun dressing up and coloring their favorite characters. There are more Tinkerbel games such as “Sort My Tiles”, “I Ated Tinkerbel” but it’s only natural that Dress-up series are most popular among the girls
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