hulk games

and Numerous games are available in the market today for the entertainment of children. The games can be played on playstation, Nintendo, computer as well as online. In some cases, games are formed on the basis of a story or a cartoon character which can make it even more intriguing and exciting. The follow the same concept and are based on the original character of the Hulk which was introduced by Marvel comics. This hero was created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in the year 1962 and became a long running star of the comics by gaining a lot of popularity. The reserved and withdrawn physicist Dr. Bruce Banner invented a Gamma bomb and was accidently exposed to the gamma rays in the test detonation which led to the development of his alter ego; the Hulk. A combination of Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was used to give life to this monster that is huge in size. Although the color of the character has changed over time; the most consistent color remains green. Majority of the portray him in green color. Furthermore, what makes this monster different is the super human strength it possesses.Dr. Bruce Banner can act as a normal human being but when experiencing intense and severe emotions like anger, grief and terror, he turns into the giant Hulk who can destroy and annihilate anything that stands in its path. These emotions make the hulk stronger than ever and even more impressive and dominating. A wide variety of can be found for the purpose of entertainment which is based on the various feats and missions that have to be accomplished by the Hulk. Some of these games take ideas from the original comics that introduced this particular character. Games titled ‘The Incredible Hulk Games’ have been introduced for both playstation and Nintendo which have amazing video quality and show the immense power and ability of the Hulk Games. It is also possible to find countless online which all have different levels and story lines. In some games, the Hulk is fighting against the villain alongside other superheroes introduced by Marvel such as Spider Man, Iron Man etc. The sheer strength, ability and power of the giant are depicted in the games and children play the role of the Hulk in saving the world and defeating those who are a threat.
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