Tom and Jerry Games

Tom and Jerry games

Sneak peek into Tom and Jerry games The original creation of the evergreen characters of Tom and Jerry dates back to the Georgian times, in the 1820’s in the historic city of London. Decades later, two animated comic characters were christened with the iconic names Tom (as the cat) and Jerry (as the mouse). From then for generations we have all grown up watching Tom the shrewd feline chase his squeaky lovable companion Jerry on hills to waters to send him into cold chills. So back to childhood with Tom and Jerry games: Game 1: How to play Mice Maze? In this game you need to help Mamma Jerry to feed the baby Jerry through connecting pipes. Arrange the pipes such that you make a pathway for the food to travel to the baby mouse. When you make the right path you earn points, while if you get stuck in a wrong path you sabotage the food. You need to complete this task within the stipulated time earn points and move on to the next level. Game 2: How to play Puzzle mania Tom and Jerry? As the name suggests there’s puzzle frame with a picture of Tom and Jerry. The screen is divided into 2 parts. On your right is a collection of joints which you need to pick up and re arrange them on to the left screen where the complete picture is lightened. You may have to change directions to place the joint correctly; you can do so with the left mouse click. When the right joint is assembled in the correct position it takes in automatically to form a neat picture and the rounded edges disappear. If you feel you have picked up the wrong joint then just drag to place it back on the left screen. If you want to finish the game fast, pick up the joints with the least no. of rounded edges first as they form the outline of the picture. While the game is on you will notice a tiny box on the top left hand side with color dots making lines and disappears once you complete the picture. Even toddlers can try it as it’s so simple and fun. Game 3: How to play sort my tiles giant Tom and Jerry? This game is similar to the previous puzzle game. It has a giant picture of Jerry chiding tiny Tom (I know so not Tom types). You need to assemble the hexagonal joints to form the picture. Now the challenge is that you need to place the picked up hexagonal in the right place if you don’t you can proceed to pick the next unlike the previous puzzle game. The joints come to you in the right position hence there is no need to change directions. A small transmitter is seen with music waves while you are on the game and waves disappear once you finish. There is a timer which begins with 5000 points, as time elapses the points count decreases, so the faster you finish the game the more you earn. On finishing the game you can view the score.
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